Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dealing with Disappointment

I found out a few days ago that I did not get into Junk to Funk. And, my Toolbox Jewels class on Saturday didn't get enough registrants to run. (added: though I must say thank you to Sister Diane for mentioning it - along with a lot of other great classes at DIY Lounge at Collage on her most excellent blog at DIY Alert!)

That said, I got to go on a lovely walk yesterday, and do a bit of shopping at Trillium Artisans instead of teaching. And as much as I love teaching, it was nice to spend a laid-back day with The Sweetie. . . . And I'm thinking about switching up Toolbox Jewels, maybe calling it Junk Drawer Gems, and incorporating more found object elements . . . making it two days. I've been inspired by the book Fabulous Jewelry from Found Objects by Marthe Le Van, and I've always loved the work of Susan Lenart Kazmer. Maybe the class needs to be more challenging . . .

And, I'm planning on attending Junk to Funk wearing the outfit I made, and it'll be fun to be there just as an observer . . . of course, my brain is whirring about a bigger, better, more intensely recycled ensemble for next year . . . perhaps inspired by the lushly draped designs of Poiret?

This is from the Catalog of the Poiret Exhibit at the Met earlier this year . . . Ah, Joy. One of my all-time favorite designers . . . Here's a video from the exhibit . . . and here's a bunch of goodies from the Met website.

So - how does a girl deal with disappointment? Shopping, reading, hanging with The Sweetie - and dreaming about jewelry and clothes, of course! Shoes - now that's pulling out the big guns . . .

(added: Of course, another way to deal with disappointment is to remember all the things that are going really well! Sometimes, this is tough for the artist/control freak . . . but Gretchin and I have sold out the upcoming Creating Wordwear workshop . . . we may need to run another one before Valentine's Day! Let us know if you might be interested . . . )


Ann said...

You'll outFunk them all.

gl. said...

ach! i hope you have a good time at the junk-to-funk party, then. maybe next year!

looking forward to seeing what changes you can make to the toolbox jewels class. i couldn't get a class to run this weekend, either, and i wonder if wordstock chewed up portland's creative brain this weekend. ;) but i'm always willing to offer a class twice to see if any changes improve it (i'll have a theatre-ish class in january, in fact, that will be my second time trying to see if i can get more people for it).

i'm glad you went to trillium, though! thanks for supporting independent, recycling artists! if you at any apples, cheese, nuts or rice crackers, those were my contribution. ;)

futuregirl said...

It's great that you also share your disappointment with us. It's good for everyone to know that we all have set backs and times for reflection. :) I think it's great that you're re-evaluating how you want to structure your classes. I bet you will come up with some great ideas.