Wednesday, November 21, 2007

To-Do List

Left to do today, the day before The Sweetie's family comes over for Thanksgiving Dinner:

  1. Make two pumpkin pies (one inspired by Summer Pierre's Recipe - make sure to double the honey and the molasses)
  2. Make pineapple pumpkin bread (special treat for The Sweetie)
  3. Prep Mommaw's (my grandmother) recipe for Bundle o' Beans (I've been craving it - she always made it for Thanksgiving, which we used to always have at her house . . . couldn't find my copy of her recipe, so looked it up online. Two of the recipes I found called for a full stick of butter, along with sugar. No wonder I remember this being so good. )
  4. Prep roasted sweet potato and apple dish (my recipe, making extra for leftovers!)
  5. Brine Turkey (this is supposed to be very important - I've never cooked a turkey before - and it arrived today still largely frozen - Hmmm)
  6. Find my cookbook with the large, friendly orange letters on the cover saying "Don't Panic"
  7. Go to Fred Meyer's for the six things I forgot to get in my grocery delivery order (delivered today) and my last minute grocery shopping trip for things I forgot (on Monday).
  8. Take advice found on cover of cookbook. Realize that it is not a cookbook, but The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  9. Consider journeying to Mars for Thanksgiving.
  10. Reconsider, stop blogging, and drive to grocery store. All while NOT PANICKING.


Ann said...

New Project Runway tonight!

gl. said...

sven's got a no-bake pumpkin pie recipe that's fabulous (it's cooked, but in a saucepan and just gets poured into the shell). this will be my first all-vegetarian thanksgiving: even the last one we hosted had guests bringing turkey (which we didn't mind at all, as long as sven didn't have to cook it!). hmmmm, maybe i'll come over to your place later to taste the brining experiment....

DON'T PANIC! this is one of the best holidays because there are no impossible expectations about gifts, and everyone likes food!

Bridget Benton said...

All panicking over and done with! Pumpkin pineapple bread is baking, turkey is brining (sort of - long story), pie shells are made, bundle o' beans are done, yams and apples are done! And I only had to send the Sweetie back to the grocery store for two things!! No Project Runway :(

gl: Mmmm . . . an all-veggie Thanksgiving! Gotta say I love my meats (bacon wrapped around the bundle o' beans, turkey soup after the big day is over, ham . . .) but there are so many wonderful things you can do without it! Like pecan pie! And anything with chard . . . and feel free to sneak over for a bit of turkey - if you can get any away from the Sweetie's little brother - that boy can EAT!

Sven Bonnichsen said...

"Thanksgiving on Mars"... There's a book title I could love!

Su said...

Thought I'd drop in. Wonderful blog Bridg! I'm doing beta testing on my new website for the next few weeks, and one of the added features is a blog. I'm scared!

The tea cakes are done. They should arrive at your house around noon-ish. I tried something different. Added a bit of whole wheat flour. Not as soft as usual, but okay, I think. Off to make the apple pie now.

Bridget Benton said...

Su-Mom: (This is The Sweetie's Actual Mother - posting on my Blog! How cool is that?!) The pie was LOVELY - I loved your pastry art . . . definitely an underutilized skill . . . remind me to gift you with some spelt flour for Christmas . . . ;) And folks, her tea cakes are to die for. YUMMY!