Thursday, November 15, 2007

Chocolate Cake and its Repercussions

I went to the fancy party to celebrate the union of DIY Lounge and Collage last night, and I dressed in my bumblebee costume.

Really, I just wanted to stay home and watch Season 2 of Project Runway (Which I've been downloading from iTunes, thanks to an innocent comment from Euphrosyne, and am now sadly hooked on. Pathetic. I dislike the egos and the cattiness, but oh, the niftiness they come up with! And the challenges, so fun! And besides, I can't find Craft Corner Deathmatch on iTunes. I guess it was cancelled).

But, I had told Maria (the owner of Collage) that I would come as Crafty Bee to help her celebrate, and I just couldn't let her down . . . and once I got the costume on, I started getting into it. That's me and her in the newly redecorated craft-makin' DIY Lounge in the back room at Collage. Doesn't she look happy? (added: And doesn't the Lounge look AWESOME?! Ok, the parts of it that you can see behind my enormously luscious bee bottom! Wow! And, no, they are not paying me to say this - though I did win a cool prize in the raffle!)

Of course, then I got into the chocolate cake. Which was dense and sugary and made with wheat and sent me off into a weird bumble-bee disco frenzy. Did I mention there was a DJ? Anyway, I didn't touch a drop of alcohol and I still managed to make a complete fool of myself.

Which, frankly, is not that difficult. But, I also ran into Gretchin of Scarlet Star Studios, pictured below with a beam of inspiration pouring into her head and holding the number 2. What does it mean? We may never know . . . Gretchin remains delightfully inscrutable.

And me? I woke up this morning with a chocolate cake hangover. Go figure.


Ann said...

*deep breath*

Evil laughter is hard with allergies.

I KNEW you would fall into the black hole of Project Runway! Yeah, there's the heightened-for-tv drama and crap, but don't you love seeing what people come up with? And thinking about what you'd do? Ain't it grand?

Ann said...

Oh, and I'm waiting for my meme...

Bridget Benton said...

I'm still researching "memes" (the wikipedia definition is terribly confusing) and trying to figure out what they are, and how they can be both a noun and verb . . . but then, I get distracted by paying clients and Project Runway, and well, I still don't know what one is so I still haven't done it to you yet.

Bridget Benton said...

Oh, and the Project Runway thing? Remember, you have only yourself to blame if that's why I'm not meming you.

gl. said...

i totally didn't expect the bee costume that night, bridget! you are the awesomest. :D