Tuesday, November 13, 2007

In Development . . .

I'm working on some fiber collage pieces using image transfer techniques I learned during Wendy Huhn's Transferology class . . . and combining it with some heat moldable foam block printing on fabric . . . . I'm applying it all to unprimed canvas with Steam-a-Seam-2 fusible webbing (my favorite for fabric applique). Then, I'll be adding some stitching and other embellishment before eventually mounting the canvas - gently - on canvas stretcher bars. Above is a shot I took of Baggage: Nepal, 1 in process before I started the applique and stitching.

The photos are shots I took when I was traveling in Nepal . . . except for the suitcase. The suitcase, well, yes I took the pictures of that, too. Just not in Nepal. In fact, I bought it here in Portland at Poppy & Ivy just so that I could take pictures of it to use in my collage work. It just seemed like the perfect, iconic suitcase. The kind that, 50 years ago, might have graced the hands of an adventurous Airline Hostess. The kind that might be full of all kinds of Baggage. The kind that you might be forced to drag around with you long after it had outlived its usefulness. The kind that might have a Strange Musty Smell lingering in the satin lining.

Adventurous, check.
Baggage, check.
Musty Smell, check.

Bring on the cameras.