Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sock Monsters! (aka Stuffed Misfits from the Eyes Aflame Frankenstuffed Studio)

The Sweetie and I went to Powell's this weekend, and I spotted a book. Well, actually a book and a kit. Now, normally, I resist "kits." But the book in this one was really good . . . and the pictures were really adorable . . . and The Sweetie, who could see I was waffling on the edge, pushed me right over.

And so I bought "Stupid Sock Creatures: Making Lovable, Quirky Figures from Cast-Off Socks" by John Murphy. Correction: I bought the book with the kit. Here is his website. I think he may be a genius.

I have been wanting to make Glove Monsters or some other sort of stuffed misfits since I saw Toby. Then the Glove Monster instructions from Sister Diane at Craftypod (another genius) came out and then there was Glove Monster day over at Church of Craft (which birthed Gregory, Toby's friend). Sadly, I couldn't make that event - perhaps this is why The Sweetie encouraged me to take the plunge and get the kit.

So, I have happily madly spent the last several nights working on Stupid Sock Creatures (with some Glove Monster elements). Here are some candid shots of Jane and Clawdaddy - the first two Stuffed Misfits to emerge from the Eyes Aflame Frankenstuffed Studio.

Jane's head and rabbit-like ears are made from a sock, while her stout body is made from a stretchy glove . . . her little dress and sweatband are also stretchy glove parts. Jane is slightly, er, paranoid . . . a bit stressed and obsessive. Clawdaddy, on the other, er, hand, is a lot more laid back and fun loving. He's got a full-on sock body, with sock/glove hybrid claw arms and a sturdy sock-part tail. His tongue is the finger of a glove - and his little fingerless gloves are, well, the fingers of gloves. He is trying to reassure Jane that it will all be ok after a little snuggle by the fire. Jane's not buying it.


Geek+Nerd said...

Bridget - thanks for dropping by my blog! As you probably know there was nothing in my shop to buy - because I haven't updated yet. I'll drop you a line when I do.

Oh and you are so dead on about Firefly - I think I would die of joy overload if it went back on the air!

Ann said...

Cuter than cute! Did I mention how gorgeous your toolbox jewelry was - particularly the washers with the alcohol ink necklace. Creative, tasteful, and beautifully finished too.

gl. said...

oh. my. GOD.

toby: "OH MY GOD!"

gregory: neat.

toby: "I LIKE THEM! HELLO!" *waving furiously*

oh, bridget, they're fabulous! i love how the glove becomes her ruffled skirt and the shag rug & the fireplace just take it RIGHT OVER THE TOP.

i've been thinking of making another on new year's day, as that's when i made toby last year. maybe we should have a frankenstuff studio day at your place!

SisterDG said...

They're so adorable! I agree with Gretchin - that little ruffled skirt is perfect.

John Murphy is indeed a genius. If you're interested, here's a podcast interview I did with him a while back:

Bridget Benton said...

ann - Thank you!

toby - You're making me blush!

gl - you're on!

sister diane - listened to the podcast, loved it! maybe you'll have to come over for Frankenstuffed studio day, too!

Ren said...

thanks for the comment about Squarey! your sock creatures are adorable! : )

cheekyboots said...

these are so cute!

i want to come to the frankenstuff day!