Sunday, November 18, 2007

Junk to Funk


Last night was Junk to Funk here in Portland. I put on my didn't-quite-make-the-cut ensemble, took a few cheesy overexposed pictures (who doesn't love to play Supermodel in their garage?), and headed out to check out the competition (and say hello to the folks from Orlo who use the arts to promote environmental action and SCRAP who encourage creative reuse).


Not all of the outfits were well-executed, but all of them were over the top in terms of what they re-used. One gal (who came in for an honorable mention - or was it third place?) had constructed her outfit entirely out of trash that had washed up on Oregon beaches. Another had gathered used latex gloves from tattoo artists and constructed a skirt. Yet another designer gathered used gelato spoons, cups, bowls, and taster spoons - all in pastel candy colors - to create a bustier, mini-skirt, headdress, and parasol.


All of which beat my used t-shirts, sweaters, and bicycle inner tubing hands-down (though I did get many compliments on my hat). Corset made of record albums teamed up with wig made of 80's mix tapes? First place. Amazing vintage-look swimsuit and bathing cap made entirely of recycled bicycle inner tubes, down to the thread holding it together? So charming! Delicate leaf-net-vine dress made of the urban tumbleweed, beige plastic bags? Looked couture. Enormous jacket made of air-pocket plastic packing material, teamed with dreadlock wig made of melted and shaped plastic bags? Hope it won the People's Choice award. And don't get me started on what a woman can create from used dryer sheets or excess recycling bin labels . . .

Oooo, I have got my work cut out for me for next year! So, feel free to start sending me all of your unwanted VHS tapes and DVD's NOW - I have a vision!

(And, as a side note, the Sweetie is currently reading a comic - downloaded on his computer, no less - that contains a character called Squirrel Girl. I am not making this up.

Of course, I'm sitting next to him laughing at the parts he reads out loud and thinking how I can re-use the plastic VHS cases - in an outfit, of course - once I get the tape out. It's a very sweet and geeky Sunday.)


gl. said...

lookin' good, bridget! looking forward to seeing what you cook up next year!

you would have liked the iprc text ball, too: one guy used old books strung together as "chaps" in his cowboy costume. (recycled couture -and- a pun on "chapbook"!)

Geek+Nerd said...

Hi Bridget - just writing to let you know that I updated my shop!

Ann said...

Where's. my. seven. weird. facts. about. BRIDGET??????

I want my meme!

Bridget Benton said...

gl: When I saw they were the same night, I was totally bummed (also the same night as a friend's soup party - I was doomed)! Decided to go to Junk to Funk, and am really hoping to do both next year! So what about you? Did you have a costume? Please do tell!

Ann: Ok, no tantrum!! Tantrum = no apple juice and no meme, young lady!

gl. said...

i'll be writing about it soonish, but no, i'm not so good at costumes. i chose to spend my energy gocco printing a bowl of Unnecessary Quotation "Marks" onto tiny pancakes instead. :)

Bridget Benton said...

That's so marvelous! I'm a big fan of "improper punctuation" myself - and I love Unecessary Capital Letters, too. I have a Gocco, and have never used it . . . maybe I can pay for a private lesson?!

gl. said...

Well, I'm teaching Gocco at the IPRC December 13 and January 9! Once you get started with a Gocco, I think you'll Gocco everything. :)

Bridget Benton said...

Oooo! Oooo! pick me! pick me! I am SO signing up.