Saturday, November 17, 2007

Holiday Hipness

The Dinnergrrls Holiday Bazaar is coming up at CubeSpace here in Portland on Sunday, December 2nd, 12-4. Yes, I'll be there, selling some fiber art, some encaustic work, some jewelry, some collages . . . and Kristin Gross of Konfections will be there selling delicate and tasteful jewelry . . . but really, the reason you have to go is this: Bodywreaths. Let's just say it's been time to retire my old I-bought-some-things-at-Michael's-in-the-early-90's-and-used-a-glue-gun holiday wreath for several years now - I've just never had an excuse before. Now, I have an excuse. No, more than that - I have A Call to Action. Really. You have to go look at these. Now. And buy one. For yourself. For someone you love. For the good of the whole freakin' nation. 'Cause if you don't, I may buy one for you.

Heck, I may buy you two.

1 comment:

gl. said...

they're going to be at the dinnergrrls holiday bazaar? crazy! i wouldn't have expected that. :) see you there!