Monday, November 26, 2007

Proof of Octopus Adoration and a Quilt Conundrum

In the comments yesterday, Gretchin seemed surprised that I was an octopus fan - here, I offer proof: A plate I created at one of those paint-your-own-ceramics places featuring an octopus reading. (And the plate features an octopus reading. The paint-your-own-ceramics place in question does not, in fact, feature an octopus reading. That would definitely be a cool paint-your-own-ceramics place.)

So, here's my conundrum. (You all did such a good job with the bone thing, I thought I'd throw another one at you.) A long time ago, in a place not so far away, I created this quilt top as a gift for someone special. We broke up before the actual quilting occurred, and the ex was understandably indifferent as to the quilt's fate as he had moved on to a new relationship. I considered finishing it for entry into the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, but my heart just wasn't in it. The main panel is applique on denim, with a rather inexpert piecework border.

It's pretty, and I like it, but it's just too attached to a particular person and time of my life for me to enjoy it - or even finish it. And I'm ready to let it go. I'd like to see it go to someone who really will enjoy it, use it, and perhaps even finish it! I saw that M5K had sold a found quilt top on Ebay . . . and it got me to thinking. Is this a potential path for the Fishing Cabin in the Woods quilt top? Or is there something even better I could do with it?


gl. said...

it's even better when octopi do things like read books! super cute!

as for the quilt: i wish i quilted! i would take it in a heartbeat! i've always wanted a nifty quilt. i hope michael5000 has some better ideas....

Michael5000 said...

Well, we could teach gl. how to quilt it.

You MIGHT be able to sell it as a top on ebay, although keep in mind that the piece I sold had historical interest. There is an Ebay category for unfinished quilt tops; you could browse that and get an idea of whether the piece is saleable or not. If you are just looking for a good home for it, and not trying to make money, the worst that could happen is that you could list it, it wouldn't sell, and you'd be out 20 cents.

Or, you could have me see if the charity quilts branch of my guild wanted to finish it as a, well, charity quilt. They make (usually pretty scrappy) quilts for a variety of local social service and emergency organizations.

Or, you could keep it around until some great-great niece finds it and wonders why you never finished it and completes it herself and feels all connected with the people of the past. Cf. this story.

Are those better ideas?

Infinite Possibilities said...

Heh, well I'll have to remember that you like octopi. It's easy to miss the fact you like them with all the birds you have up. We can get one to put in the pond with the beaver. ;-)

Michael5000 - The idea of saving the item for a great-great niece, has a very interesting resonance with me. I think one of my favorite things in the world is to go through old things that family members thought enough of to save.

Have Fun,

Bridget Benton said...

Thanks, M5K! Actually, yes, those are good ideas . . . I did check out ebay, and that's a thought . . . Must say I like the idea of it going for charity a lot - in fact, it's almost tempting to finish it out as a wall hanging or something myself and donating it to the Audubon Society . . . hmmmm . . .

gl: thanks for the compliment! I wish you quilted, too - unfortunately, the front is on denim (!?) and not so easy to quilt.

infinite poss: so what kinds of things have you found? do you like the stories?

Bridget Benton said...

And Sweetie, I'm not sure putting octopi in our beaver pond is such a good idea . . . unless they were giant sized, like Godzilla and Mothra and then we could stage battles and film them and put them on YouTube and make lots of money.

Or just have a big mess in the backyard.

Ann said...

Wrap it around an explosive and mail it to the ex? Okay, maybe that's just what I would do.

Surely, there must be half-a-dozen people who would love it as a wall hanging; Christmas is coming, you know!

Bridget Benton said...

Ann: Snort! No, he was a good guy - he just wasn't the right guy. Besides, I got over wanting to blow him up, oh, like at least six months ago . . .

All: Ok, so if anyone wants this quilt as a wall hanging for Christmas, or knows of a charity that would like it as a donation for an auction of some kind, let me know! (So far, those are my two favorite ideas . . .)