Thursday, November 8, 2007

Woo Hoo! Geeks and Veggies

I just figured out how to get the badges for NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) and Magpie Girl's Small is Beautiful/Passionate Blogging up on my site! I conquered yet another hurtle in the very minor manipulation of html code! (read: cut and paste in the right places). I have posted every day for a week, even though The Sweetie has been here for much of it, looking distractingly cute and loading action flick after action flick on the DVD player! I also just finished eating a lovely pumpkin curry and adding the amazing vegetable-cooking, mitten-knittin' Geek + Nerd to my blogroll.

To celebrate these accomplishments, and the accomplishments of all the geeky, goddess-bodied, large-orange-vegetable-conquering women in the blogosphere, I offer you this:
An almost vintage image from Banshee Designs of voluptuous, fluffy, plush, plump-o-licious babes communing with vegetables.


gl. said...

congratulations on your mad code skillz!

i didn't know you promoted plumpilicious babes. yay! can you believe that image is over 10 years old?

Ann said...

Is that on fabric? And go play my game, you.

Bridget Benton said...

It is on fabric - at least the original is . . . silkscreen, batik, and fabric paints. It was one of the few images I had printed on greeting cards during my Banshee Designs days.

And yes, promoting plump-o-licious babes, and all other women looking to feel good in their bodies, was part of what I did with Banshee Designs. Not that I don't still struggle with my own body image, but it was very healing to make clothing in sizes XS to 10XL that featured positive images of women, and see how people responded - especially the women who weren't used to seeing their own body type celebrated.

gl. said...

bless you, bridget! *bows*