Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wanna Trade?

One of the coolest things about big art retreats like Art & Soul is the chance to trade . . . artist trading cards, handmade beads or charms, inchies, MOO cards . . . whatever little creative detritus and inspirational tidbits we can make and share . . . pictured above are the groovy 2-D trades I wandered away with!

I love trading in part because it says "what you make and what I make are equally cool" and "everyone deserves some original art or at least a cool limited edition." And I love it that I get to share and see what other folks are doing - and it's such a non-threatening, non-precious way to make art! "Oh, I have these little things and I can just make them and give them away and isn't that cool!"

So, I made a few little things to trade, and did a few trades. And it's hard to do trades when you're a secret introvert, like me. I wandered around vendor night with my little box and couldn't approach anyone . . . and I tended to only trade if someone else suggested it! And then my MOO cards came in this week (after Art & Soul, but it's never too late . . . ) and I said to myself, "Well, I can still trade, right?" So, if you'd like to send me some little art trade, I'll happily send you something back! Just send it to:

Bridget Benton
PO Box 4076
Portland, OR 97208-4076
and be sure to give me your name and address! Don't have anything to trade yet?


franswazz said...

I did not have anything done to trade but had I met you (I do not think we have) I would have loved to talk to you. I too am a sort of shy person at least in terms of approaching someone and saying "wanna to trade?"
I will make something and send it to you!
Let's all work harder and faster!!!!

Bridget Benton said...

LOL! Thanks! I'm very excited - I'm mailing out a few trades today, and I know of a few that are on their way! This brings make my old love affair with the mail . . . :)

Ann said...

I'm looking for a box sturdy enough to mail myself to Portland - it sounds incredible.

gl. said...

bridget, i've been waiting for my moo cards to come in and i just got them today (found out they had sent two previous orders to the wrong address and the woman at that address actually called to tell me!). i wanna trade! mebbe i'll drop some by your house....