Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Joining the Poetry Posse

My little truck, The Blank Canvas - who in her former life belonged to a guy who reworked the enamel on bathtubs - now works hard hauling around art supplies and home improvement goodies. A few years ago, she even made it through a fire that melted her hood and her front bumper and her windshield. Here she is!

Recently, though, The Blank Canvas has been telling me she wants a makeover. She already has some happy decorations inside, but they just didn't feel like enough anymore .

We talked about paint, and I got her a cool new license plate for her birthday:

Then, she met Trixie the Poetry Car and was totally inspired! I talked with Trixie's mom, Gretchin, and we are now officially part of the Poetry Posse! I ordered The Blank Canvas some special poetry magnets today, and then went ahead and put a few on her just to see how it felt. The ones she has right now are little, not big like Trixie's. And they don't stick to her canopy, either. But she already feels way cooler, and is really hoping to meet up with Trixie at Burgerville after the rest of her magnets come in! Now all she needs is a little mask and cape to complete her competent sidekick look!


Ann said...

Look look look:


You could print anything and stick it to your car! There's window clingfilm, too.

Bridget Benton said...

Woo hoo! this is awesome - it's going on the list! My other idea had been to go Kinko's or one of those sign places and have a big magnetic sign printed with images, etc. and then cut it up .. . but I like this better! Next challenge: how can I magnetize the canopy? I've been less than impressed with that magnetizing spray paint, but am willing to try it again . . .