Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Window on Oaxaca

Time to head home . . . but let me leave you with a few more images of Oaxaca and the surrounding villages . . .

Street in Oaxaca City, near my favorite pizza place.

And a street near my hotel . . . I love the multi-colored buildings.

And a sneak peak into a courtyard . . . I love the way tropical locales build around an open courtyard . . . hidden from the street and full of fountains and color and sun.
And sometimes even red carts full of birdcages and green plants.

And windows with iron work and pretty paint on the walls.

I love the bright colors.

The pretty pastels.

And veggies at the native market . . . it travels from village to village in the Oaxaca valley.

I'll miss the sun and the bright colors.

I'll be glad to be rid of the Montezuma's Revenge, though.

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fingerstothebone said...

whao, don't visit your blog for a bit, and see what happens -- all kinds of fun & travels. Sounds like you had a great trip; and thanks for sharing.