Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oaxaca Craft Round-Up: Part Two

Part two - fiber! I got to visit a very cool rug workshop - here's the gigantic loom:

It's so big he has to step from pedal to pedal and work it section by section.

They spin and dye all the wool themselves, and use all natural materials to dye the wool. They use cochineal, a funky parasite that grows on cactus, to get the red color. They use indigo to get the blue colors.

And here's some nifty animal cross stitch from the Oaxaca Textile Museum.

Rows of ducks and geese and birdies. On a cloth.

And here's a blouse with roosters.

I got a couple of cute blouses, too, but none with this kind of detail . . .

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Claudia said...

love the animal cross stitch...I feel so old! I just said that I love cross stitch ;)