Saturday, November 29, 2008

Opening at Guardino Gallery

Friday night was a big night - Guardino Gallery on NE Alberta had the opening for their 8th Annual Little Things show, and guess who had some work on display? Well, Linda Womack did, and Jennifer Mercede, and Mar Gorman, Kim Hamblin, and Diane Archer and a bunch of other artists and . . . me!

Here's a display of some dimensional work - encaustic and acrylic and assemblage.

Here's a close up of one called "View."

And here's another one called "Skeleton Key."

Here's another display of some flat encaustic and collage pieces. I think the one with the typewriter is my favorite.


gl. said...

yay! congratulations, bridget! i think that typewriter is my favorite, too!

Leah said...

gorgeous work, bridget! i love the ones with scissors!

BoneFolder said...

This is really cool! Congratulations! The typewrite one is very cool but I like "View".