Sunday, November 2, 2008

In Which: I've got my Luggage!

I got my luggage! I got my luggage! Doin’ the luggage dance, yeah! Wearin’ my sandals and a skirt, yeah! Woot-woot!

Nothin’ like some hot coffee and a pastry to celebrate! Since I was no longer clad in grungy jeans, I also wanted to be sure and visit the church near my hotel, Santo Domingo (closed when I dropped by, but here's the outside):

So, instead, I wandered into the Cultural Museum next door, which used to be a refuge for Dominican monks. Here's the altar they have set up:

And here's an amazing view of the city and the countryside from one of the upstairs windows:

And here is the Pre-Hispanic Rat Diety:

Ok, I don't actually know if it's a Pre-Hispanic rat diety, but it was darn amusing. I actually wondered briefly if it was some sort of ancient mouse trap . . . And just so you know I'm not going completely nuts, here's a slightly more traditional Pre-Conquest sculpture:

Of course, the most amazing thing I saw, I didn't get any photos of. It was a Day of the Dead installation by a living artist (who would probably frown on the whole photo thing, especially since they're selling a folio of the drawings in the gift store.) Huge drawings. Amazing.

Trust me.


Dayna Collins said...

B-beautiful photos! Makes me want to head south for a visit.

Michael5000 said...

You totally had me going with the pre-hispanic rat deity....

fingerstothebone said...

Oooh, I like the pre-historic rat deity, or whatever it is...want!