Sunday, November 23, 2008

Printing with Junk!

I love to teach, and I teach about once a month, but I always forget to bring a camera . . . I taught a Basic Beading class yesterday at DIY Lounge, and while I remembered to bring my camera, I forgot to take a single picture . . .

Last month, I taught a class called Printing with Junk . . . I had no camera, but one of my students, Emily, did . . . so, instead of sharing yesterday's class with you, I'm going to share a class with you from a month ago! We used recycled materials - and junk - to make cool prints. Here's Emily, the smart lady with the camera:

She's holding a print she made with a recycled plastic bag.

And here's another student and her plastic bag print.

Here's a print I made using an old piece of styrofoam - I carved it with a hot knife.

Here's a student inking up a heat moldable foam stamp. In the foreground, you can see a cut foam stamp glued on a peanut butter jar lid.

These prints are made with a combination of plastic bag prints and cut foam prints.

This print is so fun - a bubble wrap print in yellow, mixed up with cut-foam-on-peanut-butter-jar-lid print.

And, here's me!

This class was a lot of fun . . . and I'll be doing it again on January 14th. Maybe I'll see you there - with your camera!


gl. said...

nice, bridget! your students look SO happy!

Michael5000 said...

Way cool! Best use yet for scrap styrofoam....

Dayna Collins said...

Your ideas amaze me! This looks like a very fun class . . . ummm, January 14th, eh?

afiori said...

Wow - very inspiring!!! I had the idea to print with odd materials a while ago but forgot about it - what a great reminder! I'd been looking for new rubber stamps but they were all too neat and tidy. What a great way to combine a "dirtier" print with something neat on top as well. Can I ask what you do with the plastic bags? Do you glue them to something before you print and do the prints look similar even though the material is soft?

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Serena Barton said...

Beautiful prints and they look so fun to do! Junk often makes the best art!

BoneFolder said...

You carve the styrofoam with a hot knife? That must smell good. I must say, now I don't feel bad about my respirator-in-the-kitchen day.