Thursday, February 26, 2009

What I Save . . . And What I Give Away

So, according to the powers that be over at, the lovely Mrs. Pilkington of Mrs. Pilkington Knits is the happy winner of Thursday's magnetic sheet give away!

The question naturally arises, "Bridget, if you're giving away so much stuff, what are you keeping!?"

The answer, of course, is garbage. Here, in fact, is a load fresh out of the washer:

Mixed media artists and crafters are well-known for their interest in re-using things that are normally discarded. Case in point - quilts made from recycled scraps like the infamous and wonderful Michael5000 StormQuilts. My home town, Portland, OR, has a great curbside recycling program, but it doesn't take lids from plastic bottles. I've only been collecting lids from three households, and I have to tell you, I've accumulated quite a stash . . . I've been on a bit of a personal mission to find a use for these things, and I've come up with a few ideas . . . which I plan on sharing with you over the next few months! (Though I have to admit, bed coverings were not on my list.)

I also passed a construction site recently, and saw that these items had been discarded - they were half buried in a heap of dirt and debris, but did I let that stop me from running over in my suit and heels and digging around to grab some choice bits?! Heck no! That's why I drive a truck! These items are just crying out to be included in some kind of mixed media extravaganza . . .

Maybe one made of lids?


Michael5000 said...

Woo hoo! I'm infamous!

p.s. Women who drive trucks are totally hot. Especially when it's for artistic purposes. But you knew that.

Dayna Collins said...

Ahhh, someone else who collects garbage from along the street!