Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Give Away & A Lot About Purses

Yup, it's time for another . . . .


This time, it's purse handles. About two years ago, I made a single purse out of a felted sweater. Suddenly, purses were exciting . . . and purse handles seemed full of possibility. So, I bought, well, quite a few. And never made another purse. In part, this is due to the fact that I love Queen Bee bags (and use the occasional Hardwear by Renee bag) but never use purses with handles like these. The other part is that, well, I got distracted by a lot of other crafty goodness out there.

Fortunately, the recycled accessory maven at Mugwump took a few off my hands, but I'm still left with five. Five groovy purse handles. You know you want them. (Dang, maybe I really do need a Mugwump bag, too . . . one of the advisors at the SBDC has a Mugwump bag made from a Monopoly game board . . . and I covet it. Maybe if you take these purse handles off my hands, I'll have room in my house for a new purse!)

If you want them, leave a comment by Tuesday, February 24th, and I'll randomly select a winner and ship the purse handles off anywhere in the continental United States. Well, to the winner, that is! If you win, I'll get in touch (make sure you have a blogger profile with e-mail enabled, or that you check back next week to see if you won) and get your address.


SisterDG said...

Dang it, Girl - you've got all kinds of interesting stuff over there. You crack me up - I always look at these purse handles in craft stores, and think I should buy them. Then I never do, because I agree- harder to carry as a bag. But I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuve them.

MaggieBelize said...

Purse handles! O yes, I would like some (more) purse handles. I've made one purse but I swear I want to make more, more!

Whew, thank you.

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Melissa Melissa said...

i covet bags and anything you can store something in.....a useful pot......

miss thrifty said...

How Sweet! We make grocery bags with fabric and handles to carry fragile or small items in. I would love to put these to good use!