Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Give Away . . . It's Magnetic!

Today's special clutter-clearing, stash-busting, studio-sweeping give away is 12 packages of magnetic canvas! Each of the 12 packages contains one 5" x 8" white vinyl magnet sheet . . . even as I post it, I'm getting the jitters . . . I keep thinking things like "but we could use them for a visioning exercise to make collages on and then put them up on the fridge where they could hold reminders of our future course of action!" or "kids would love to cut these up and draw on them!" or "wouldn't magnetic puzzles be fun?!" or "I could take photos of my friends, attach them to the magnet sheets, and then make funny hats and clothes out of magnets to dress them in!"

Help me stop the insanity. These magnet sheets (purchased on clearance) have been in my studio for several years, and it is time to pass them along. Hopefully to someone who will actually take action on any of the above wonderful ideas, or come up with a million of their own.

You know the drill. If you want these magnetic sheets, all you need to do is leave a comment by Thursday, February 26th, and I'll randomly select a winner and ship the magnet sheets off anywhere in the continental United States. Well, to the winner, that is! If you win, I'll get in touch (make sure you have a blogger profile with e-mail enabled, or that you check back next week to see if you won) and get your address.


suej said...

Okay, you know I've been trying to avoid clutter kind of like you've trained me. But this sounds too good to be true. How about if I simply promised to read gift this? I think that my niece back in Chicago would love to play with this with her Girl Scout troop.

Pick me! Pick me!

Christina said...

These look awesome! Please count me in... just don't tell my husband what you're doing with these give-aways! He'll be in my studio pulling out stuff to give away!

lovejustice said...

I can't seem to stop the flood of ideas going to my brain with these in mind!!! I'd love to win, thanks!

SisterDG said...


Mrs.Pilkington said...

this looks too cool!

Anonymous said...

Fun! I thought you were going to show some things you'd done with it but instead are passing it on. I would love to win and the back of our door is metal and my daughter's artwork is on there as a gallery. It would be so cool for us to share the space and put these up!

Father's House Fellowship said...

My boys would love to create with this magnetic vinyl... what great birthday gifts they could make. Count me in!