Sunday, February 8, 2009

DEMO! How to Slice an Apple

I had a few friends over about a week ago for an evening of playing with Salt Dough - inspired by Sister Diane's clay podcast. We were having a good time, needing a snack, and I started to cut up some apple slices.

Simple, right?

That's what I thought. I cut it in half, sliced out the stem on the top and the stubby bit on the bottom. And then my friends started looking at me funny.

Because I pulled out the melon baller. This is the way my mom always did it. I knew not everybody did it this way, but I didn't think it was as weird as my gasping, staring, stunned-into-silence* friends seemed to think.

I use the melon baller - like my mother before me - to scoop out the seeds. It leaves perfectly concave centers and sets the stage for lovely little slices of apple-ness.

Served with peanut butter (the kind that made it through the recall unscathed) it's super yummy and looks so good.

Yup, I can't even eat apples anymore without slicing them up like this. Sad isn't it?

*(I exaggerate for effect.)