Sunday, March 1, 2009

Friday's Yarn Winner(s)! . . . and a Cry for Help from Ms. Crafty Manners

For Friday's Wool Yarn give away, I decided to be less than random - of the four commentors, two had already won (Jess won the Vintage Flower Loom Kit and Mrs. Pilkington won the Magnetic Sheets - though I haven't heard back from her with her address yet) . . . and I loved the reasons that the two remaining commentors gave for needing the yarn: Evelyn needs more yarn for baby gifts, and HM for teaching dyeing at a local museum! How great is that?! In my giveaway fantasy, they both get 6 skeins of lovely wool yarn . . . though it may simply go to the one who provides me with a valid mailing address!

Unfortunately, I don't have e-mails for either of them. Blogger protects you - and your comments - by not making your e-mail directly available to me. Your name has a link, and I can go over and check your Blogger profile, but if your e-mail isn't in there, I can't see it. And yes, I do get an e-mail with your comment in it, but your real e-mail doesn't usually show up in that, either. I won't add commentor e-mails to any mailing lists, I promise. I am going to try and get in touch with both of them, but if you know them, please let them know they're winners! Or, if you're Mrs. Pilkington, HM, or Evelyn, you can e-mail me with your address at sparky (at) eyesaflame (dot) com.

(A Note for All Gentle Readers: Ms. Crafty Manners is still trying to determine the best way to manage this give away in the event that the winners don't contact Bridget with their addresses, and is looking for input from the Blogosphere. How do you manage giveaways? Are there other ethical ways of getting the e-mail addresses of commentors that I don't know about? What if you never hear back from a winner? Do you give the item to another commentor, or does it go to charity? A big "Thank You" in advance from Ms. Crafty Manners.)


Mrs.Pilkington said...

Thank you so much! I emailed...

Woo hoo! Such a nice surprise.

hm said...

I just emailed you, I'm so excited!!

Thank you!!!!!

hm said...

I just received the package of yarn in the mail and it is fabulous.

Thank you so much, it is perfect for my kids dyeing projects and I hope to start some weaving with them too.