Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Things That Seem to be Simple, But Turn Out to be Very Complicated

These things include:

1. Losing 10 lbs.
2. Replacing the circular florescent light bulbs in the kitchen.
3. Remembering to call my mother on her birthday.

Update:  Phew!!  I did manage to reach my mom - even though I thought it would be too late to call - and we had a great conversation.  I still need to lose 10 lbs and the light bulbs I replaced in the kitchen still don't work, but I'm considering the resolution of #3 evidence that the world still has room for miracles!


Leah said...

#3 = doh!! ah well, these things happen.

love your latest art creations!

Amy said...

Yeah, right?

I figured out two weeks ago that Father's Day was coming up.... but I decided that doing something 2 weeks in advance would just mean I would forget to throw it in the mail. So I put it on the mental back burner and then shocked into remembering last night. I hope it gets there on time; what an a$$! :-)

gl. said...

erm, i don't think you need to lose 10lbs! you look great! remember, the camera lies. :)