Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Get Your Weave On!

I flit from craft to craft, art to art, medium to medium, like a pollen-drunk bumblebee in a flower nursery! One of my latest obsessions (still in the fiber realm) is weaving . . . I wove on a full-size loom in college, and found it to be pretty zen, but will admit to being discouraged by the high cost of looms . . . ok, and the tediousness of setting up the loom to begin with!

Sister Diane of CraftyPod to the rescue with her podcast on Weaving Made Super-Simple (check out the links!), and her more recent Cardboard Loom tutorial here on CraftStylish. I listened to the podcast about a month ago, and just got around to trying the weaving-with-fusible-webbing thing (see picture below). Now, I've got to go set up a cardboard loom so that I can get my weave on while watching old episodes of Crossing Jordan! (Will Season 2 come out on DVD already?!)


SisterDG said...

Wow, Bridget, this is BEAUTIFUL! I love how you mixed paper with ribbon and fiber. And the colors. Gorgeous. Thanks for the nice shout-outs, too. It's so fun to see things people make from those shows. XOXOX

gl. said...