Sunday, June 8, 2008

Foam Stamping

Making stamps with foam still has me delighted, even after the crazy TV appearance and doing a DEMO for the blog. Here's my latest experiment - a foam stamp made with a zipper impression, and one made with a mesh fabric . . . I stamped each one separately, then cut and combined the resulting images . . . I love this effect! I'm thinking about doing several with the zipper open different amounts, and with different things being revealed by the zipper.

I can see a whole series of these, combined with collage and other elements - maybe I could even make a button placket foam stamp, too, and play with it as an opening and closing element.


gl. said...

neat! dumb question: how did you make the stamp two colors?

futuregirl said...

This is a great idea! I love the way it looks. It would make a great series in different colors with different 'reveals.'

Bridget B. said...

GL - never a dumb question, only poor craft posts! I posted another one with more detailed info - Hugs, B