Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Foam Stamping: The Follow-Up

Here's a follow-up for Gretchin, who left a question on yesterday's Foam Stamping post.

I don't actually mix textures and colors on the individual foam pieces; each one is a separate print. I let them dry, trim them . . .

and then combine them into a single collage!

And I love the way the buttons came out . . . Yup, it's a series!


gl. said...

ah! but of course! it just looks so seamless!

Melanie said...

wow, this is brilliant!

I feel sure we've been involved in mutual groups/projects in the past but I can't place it right now. Gretchin just sent me your blog link so I am reading back. Lovely stuff. I love foam block printing, thanks for the inspiration.