Saturday, June 7, 2008

More Positive Thinking . . .

I've had the heat on the last few days . . . and I wore a turtleneck on Memorial Day. In spite of the unseasonably cold weather (and my constant whining about the lack of sun) I am still thinking about summer clothes. My bedroom floor is littered with sandals and espadrilles, I've been wearing capris, and I am obsessed with little summer dresses. I spotted one kind of like this at Target (though now I can't find it on their website):

They didn't have one at my local store that fit, so I picked up some funky fabrics at Fabric Depot and decided to make my own! The style is so simple - basically, it's a big tube with elastic around the waist/hips and adjustable shoulder straps fed through a casing at the top of the tube . . . The fabrics I got are both from Robert Kaufman. I was looking for cotton knits with funky patterns, but found these spandex blends instead. They way they drape is really cool . . .

I just hope they don't end up as UFO's!* My guess though is that I'll have them done in time for warm weather. Like, maybe next year.

*UnFinished Objects

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gl. said...

i keep buying all these flippy skirts and i'm gritting my teeth because i still have to wear pants with them! :) go you for making your own!