Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tired, with music

Very long day today - but finished with a flourish, seeing "Sing-Along Grease" at Cinema 21. The words to all the songs appear on the screen, and they hand out little goody bags with bubbles (for the beauty school dropout song) and sunglasses and bubblegum cigarettes, and you get to sing out loud . . . very fun, but after that and work and a nasty headache, I'm pretty wiped out and really don't want to mess with the scanner.

so here's my drawing today:

(| - - |)
! @@ !
\ * /

It's a self-portrait. My hair is in a bun, I'm wearing dangly earrings and a turtleneck sweater, and I'm blowing you all a kiss! And, scarily enough, I revised it several times before I was satisfied with it. I am very delighted with the frazzled looking "at" eyes.


gl. said...

did you do the grease singalong with other dinnergrrls? i went to a buffy singalong last year and it was a blast.

i love your commitment to "art everyday," even if it means you only have enough energy for an ascii drawing. very creative!

Bridget B. said...

A Buffy sing-along? Wow!! No, this wasn't a dinnergrrls thing - my friend Sandy told me about it, and I jumped on it! I'd love a Hairspray sing-along myself . . .

And thanks for the support of the "drawing a day" concept . . . probably should have made it "a pillow a day" or something like that ;)