Friday, January 11, 2008

Cartoon Caption Contest

As I was doing this little doodle, I thought of a multitude of possible captions . . . but none of them sung out and said "I'm the one!" So, inspired by the New Yorker's Caption Contest, I'm soliciting help from my clever, creative, and humorously endowed readers (rumor is, I have at least FOUR of you now, and at least one of you has made my no-bake cookie recipe! Groovy!). If you have any ideas for a caption, post them and make sure I've got your e-mail. If you see an idea you like in the comments section, let me know.

And next weekend, I'll pick the best one using a top secret geek formula, and will award the winner a Very Special Prize. And yes, "Very Special Prize" is code for "I have no idea what it is yet." But it will be an object, it will be cool, and I will mail it to you. How's that for tempting?! So come on, show me what you've got . . .


Sven Bonnichsen said...

You didn't say we could only submit one caption... Which is actually really nice, because it frees me up to go with the first decent-but-not-necessarily-perfect option that comes to mind. ;-)

"New Year's Resolutions"

Bridget B. said...

Submit as many as you like! Such is the way of brainstorming . . . quantity frequently leads us to quality . . .

Bridget B. said...

and sometimes the first one is the best one, so don't go overboard with the self-censor, either. :)

gl. said...

"weighing the options"

but i quite like sven's suggestion.

Leah said...

oo, i like sven's too!

hmm, here are some ideas:

"all those painting exercises really paid off!"

"hmm, i was hoping it would land on "shave my legs" today."

hehe. :-)

Sven Bonnichsen said...

"Losing Wait"

alternate: "Wait Loss"

Michael5000 said...

When the New Yorker contest started, we were participating every week... until we weren't. But anyway...

how about....

"Her heart set on dabbling, she spent some quality time with a large dish of ice cream and tried again. It was a good day."

Cyndi & Andy said...

-Contemplating the weigh forward

-Weighting for Playdoh

-Scaling new artistic heights

-don't weight, create!

-Weight to create

-Bridget suddenly realized that superglueing her scale to her feet wasn't such a great idea.

-I love the fact that eating that double whopper still allows me to scribble.

- My doctor was surprised when she saw I had gained five scribbles.

-Dam! Two hours at the gym and I only lost half a scribble.

-We want to weigh less, but we don't want to play less.

-I am only one step away from my goal to play!

-Bridget was beginning to realize that Martha Stewart's takeover of Weight Watchers was not such a good idea after all!

Thanks for allowing us to play!
Cyndi and Andy Burnett

Bridget B. said...

Wow! These rock! I may have to submit these to community vote . . .