Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Oregon Flag Makeover Madness

I've gotten a bit obsessed. I come home from work. I play Dance Dance Revolution. I think about the Oregon Flag. I blame Michael5000 and his flag makeover contest. Not for the Dance Dance Revolution part. That's clearly not his fault.

Apparently, I didn't quite get the Beaver/Salmon hybrid out of my system yesterday, so here's "the Beamon skiiing - er, snowboarding - on Mt. Hood" as a flag:

I also finally looked up images of Beavers and Salmon and created this yin-yang, forest-river, earth-water flag featuring those state icons in their slightly more natural forms:

I like that the little gold swirl represents the power of our natural resources. Or at least that it could.

Of course, Oregon is much more than Mt. Hood, lush forests, beautiful waterways, cute beavers and slick salmon. There's fruits and nuts!

The state fruit is the pear, and the state nut is the hazelnut. And I have a strong affection for blueberries. So, I began working with those elements, and threw in Mt. Hood for good measure:

Then, I was reminded of a wonderful set of giant fruit and vegetable postcards that I have. Here's one that features pears:

And here's one that features a cucumber:

Now, while cucumbers are not particularly significant to Oregon as a state, this is the culmination of the Oregon Trail - the end of the road for a lot of folks hauling a lot of things in covered wagons. Heck, it's even on the state seal - featured prominently on the current flag:

So, here's what it might look like to bring it all together on a flag:

Of course, it could use a little tweaking. And some blueberries.


SisterDG said...

. . . And perhaps the guy in the covered wagon could be drinking a Widmer Hefeweizen? :-)

I love those giant-produce postcards so much!

Michael said...

The Salmon/Beaver yin/yang is fabuloso!

Glad you are having fun with this.... : )

gl. said...

man, i'm loving this series! :) the giant pear and the tiny wagon is amusing. so that's why people came west!

Bridget B. said...

Sister D: Oh, yes - I am a big fan of produce in all its forms, especially giant!

Michael: Glad you think so - sadly, I think it fails the basic flag criteria . . . but I loved drawing the beaver!! Have you ever seen them at the zoo? They are SO COOL!

GL: Hee hee - so glad! And yes, I do believe that people came west for the fruit. or the gold. or the opportunities. or Hollywood. or opportunities with golden Hollywood fruits. It all blurs together after awhile . . .