Tuesday, January 15, 2008

At Home In My Body

I take a lot of supplements. So I decided to draw them - some of them - today. Iron. Vitamin E. Flax Seed Oil. Part of this is about finding creative and artistic inspiration in everyday objects - their shapes and colors. Creating compositions out of thin air.

And some of this is about home. A lot of my artwork and writing during the 90's dealt with body image. Now, a lot of my work deals with ideas of home . . . what makes a home and what it is to feel at home or to come home. Some of this is about place, some of it about people.

And some of it is about self. I have gone through long periods of time in my life when I haven't felt at home in my body, or really felt at home anywhere. With anyone. The last few years have been about coming home - getting more comfortable in my own body and my own life.

It's a work in process, but it feels pretty good.

Too bad there's not a supplement for it.


gl. said...

interesting: i still associate pills with "something's wrong," unless you count the gummi vites i used to eat in california. :) i like how you've made me redefine this as a self-care process instead.

also, thanks for writing something potentially vulnerable. i hope home isn't too far away.

Bridget B. said...

and thanks, GL - yeah, I really do associate the supplements with self-care . . . and home, well, sometimes it's a place you're always coming to and sometimes it's the place your realize you already are . . .

Michael5000 said...

Welcome home!