Saturday, January 5, 2008

Drawing Blind 2: The Self-Portrait

Another blind contour drawing, this one a self-portrait, looking in the mirror. It's interesting to draw without looking at the drawing - you get marvelously focused on the subject. I usually find myself "cheating" at least once, glancing down at the paper just to see where I am. Strangely, I'm usually pretty well oriented on the page, but I still have a hard time trusting myself . . . I've been using a plain roller-ball pen, but am interested in trying a pen that would make a less consistent mark - one where you can vary the width more.


d said...

charcoal? i always liked how they came out using charcoal. scruffy.

Bridget B. said...

Mmm . . . scruffy. Yes, I like charcoal - and it always makes me want to work big, loose . . . funny, I've been limiting myself size-wise to what I can scan. Silly limit! I definitely feel a giant charcoal image coming on . . . keep your eyes peeled.

gl. said...

nice! in the artist's way we we start off with smaller sizes w/ pens and then move to larger sheets on a wall w/ oil pastels: less dusty than charcoal. :)