Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Weather is Good for Poetry

The Blank Canvas, my little white truck and the Eyes Aflame representative in the Portland Poetry Posse, got a good washing a few months ago. And then we (me and my truck) waited for the weather to get good again so that we could clean up the gigantic poetry magnets and put them back where they belonged.

And now - the weather is good, the poetry magnets are clean enough to touch, and The Blank Canvas has been encountered by poets in many a parking lot around town the last few weeks.

The poetry - or at least the creative combination of words - is flowering.

And I think that one's my favorite.


gl. said...

hee! you're right: the weather is perfect. i just washed trixie a few days ago and will put her magnets on tomorrow. it's been too long!

Michael5000 said...

WAY fly.

: )

Incoherently Speaking said...

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