Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm a Lucky Girl

I'm up on Whidbey Island, Washington (west of Seattle) at the Touch Drawing Gathering organized and facilitated by Deborah Koff-Chapin, the developer of Touch Drawing. It's an intuitive, process-oriented way of drawing that uses your hands as the primary mark-making tool. I use it with my students in the Artmaking as Playful Prayer classes, but I've really been wanting to take the practice a little deeper . . .

The event is held at the Chinook Center of the Whidbey Institute on Whidbey Island, and we've been having amazing weather - sunny and 70 degrees, surrounded by forest . . . and the food has been amazing, too . . . "macaroon" is today's magic food, followed closely by "peanut sauce on kale and mushrooms." Wow.

But it's not all about my stomach - there's been drawing, too. I'm pretty lazy with my drawing (a reminder for those of you who don't remember Janaury's "Drawing a Day" madness), so this is a great stretch for me - doing 15 or 20 drawings at a sitting, focusing on the process, not worrying too much about how things look, but still getting better for all the practice.

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Leah said...

sounds like a magical experience, bridget! i *love* those hands!