Monday, July 7, 2008

Fabric and Bugs . . .

I made this lovely little caterpillar stamp, and its bumpy bouncy little many-legged body just makes me so happy!

I'm putting it out there today that it's ok to make art that makes you happy.

And still call it art.


gl. said...

yay! what makes you happy makes others happy! cute caterpillar!

Leah said...

i agree with gl! :-) so cute!

futuregirl said...

Say it loud! Say it proud! :)

p.s. I like the caterpillar, too.

Jainnie said...

Wonderful happy art! I love it!

"You can make art that makes you happy...and call it art." Powerful words for people trying to find that creative muse once again.

Thanks. You made my day!