Saturday, September 12, 2009

My New Red Door

Back in June, I posted about my front door getting vandalized, and how it led me to the decision to finally get the red door I always wanted. Well, here's the red door!

I finally just gave up on trying to sand it myself, and hired my friend Michael to come over and do it for me before the weather got really nasty. I love the way it turned out . . . the color is called "Red Pepper." Of course, then I decided to paint the bricks!

You see, once I really saw the color of the door, I realized that the bricks were just too dull - look at how faded they are on the right "before" section of the wall. And those white bricks always did look funny. So, I did some dry brush highlighting on the bricks with the Red Pepper paint. Then I painted the back door and the door to the shed. Now, I think it may be time to paint the garage door . . . and anything else that holds still.


Sonia said...

Looks great! I will be sure not to stand still in your vicinity. :-)

I'm looking for some painterly help for my own house (window sills). If you think Michael would be a good match, can you send me contact info?

gl. said...

hooray! you really need a red door. you're braver than i would be, but the bricks look amazing: it's almost like you got a new house!

Michael5000 said...

Fabulous red door! Painting the bricks brick red cracks me up, but it looks sharp!