Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bring on the MONKEYS!!

The 100th Monkey Studio is celebrating its 3rd Anniversary, and the opening of their 3rd Annual Jurried Show & the 50/50 show is this Friday from 6-9 pm. I made a piece for the 50/50 show - all the pieces are only $50, and 50% of the proceeds benefits 100th Monkey's Artist Scholarship Fund.

100th Monkey invited artists to create an 8" x 8" piece that celebrated the story of the studio's namesake - you can read the story of the 100th Monkey here. I went for a pretty literal interpretation . . . my 100th monkey has discovered the joy of the paintbrush and is having more than a barrel of . . . well, you get the idea. You can see my original monkey drawing here.

Here it is in process, as I'm building up layers of monkeys and wax . . . and playing with the positioning of my 100th monkey and his/her paintbrush (it didn't seem polite to inquire as to gender).

Here's some detail of the 100th monkey before I nailed him/her down to the board.

And here's the final piece. I nailed the brush holding monkey to the board, and then used another copy of the drawing to cover up the nailhead in the tummy. I kind of like how the tummy is now a slightly different color and seems more dimensional . . . the background is all layers of paper and encaustic, while the monkey is paper, colored pencil, and acrylic mounted on wood. And the paintbrush? Well, it's just an old paintbrush!

I dropped my piece off yesterday, and got to peak at some of the others! I have my eye on a few - sales are all first-come, first-served! Is it silly to be at the door at 5:45?


Ratshag said...

Yay monkees!

Dayna Collins said...

Lovely piece, Miss B. I've entered the show, too, and toyed with using monkeys somehow and nothing came to mind for me. I'm happy to see your literal interpretation!