Friday, October 31, 2008

I ate a cricket.

Actually, I ate several. I was on a tour of a local market outside of Oaxaca, in Ocotlan, and the vendors were selling them, a little scoop in a plastic baggie for a few pesos. They were soaked in chili and vinegar, and fried crispy. The guidebook said they were a local delicacy . . . and it seemed like the right thing to do. Unfortunately, I didn’t like them very much. I did take a picture of the crickets, but this one of marigolds at the market was much prettier:

Fortunately, the market was also full of places selling pan muerte, special bread baked for the Day of the Dead and meant to be placed on the altar.

The dead partake of the essence, and each loaf is labeled with a small figure, perhaps to resemble the dearly departed. I, er, also partook of the bread – sweet, and MUCH easier on the stomach than the crickets.

The sugar skulls don't seem to be as common here in Oaxaca state as they are in Mexico City and other parts of the country. I did find out that they are generally given as seasonal gifts to the living, and that the recipient’s name will be spelled out in icing on the forehead. Apparently, it is much less common to buy them to represent the deceased on the altar.

And of course, like every other market or public arena, there was an altar building contest for the kids! There was one for Frida Kahlo, and this one featuring the Virgin of Guadalupe:

Back in Oaxaca City, there was this really cool poster for some event that's happening tonight:

And - good news! - On the way back from the market I got a call on my cell phone from Rick at one of the four airlines I flew on (though not the one I filed the claim with). They found my luggage! In Portland, Oregon! And, with my help, he found the claim. So, the luggage should be on it's way soon . . .


gl. said...

i'd eat a cricket at least once. :) so glad your luggage has returned!

Michael5000 said...

No, it's GOOD you didn't like the cricket. 'Cause, if you got hooked, they would be hard to find in PDX. You'd probably have to go to New Seasons or something.

[word verification = "drork," which I like]

BoneFolder said...

" The guidebook said they were a local delicacy . . . and it seemed like the right thing to do."

Ah, that old ruse… If they got a peso for every turista that bought that line… Maybe they do…

The La Calle y la Muerte poster is awesome. Post that on you facebook, or let me post it on mine…