Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Art and Soul: Day Four

First of all, if you're my Mom, back away from the blog. Go to another place. Why? Christmas spoiler ahead . . . if you're not my Mom (and frankly, this is more likely) please! Come on in!

My last class of Art and Soul was a No-Sew Sudoku Quilt . . . . now, I don't want to give away the whole class here because instructor Martha Sparks went to a lot of work developing this one!! (And besides, Ms. Crafty Manners knows giving away another teacher's class is a no-no). Martha had an amazing array of fabrics and ribbons and other embellishments for us to work with, and did a great job preparing everything. The pattern we used to organize the fabric was a completed sudoku puzzle (a number logic puzzle thingie that leaves me feeling a bit intimidated - thank heavens she gave us correctly completed ones!)

And instead of sewing, we pressed the fabric into dense foam . . . I brought the flowers, and the fabric with the little doggies . . all the other fabrics were hers!

Mom loves dogs, enjoys quilts, and likes happy colors, blues and yellows.

The butterfly fabric kind of brought it together (I think it kind of looks like the dogs are chasing the butterflies and vice versa). So, the plan is to make some 3-D butterflies and scatter them among the flowers! I'll let you know how that turns out . . . Mom really liked the embroidery I did for her birthday (at least, it was hanging in the guest bathroom when I went to visit last month) so I've got high hopes!

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