Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Signs O' The Times

I know the economy is really starting to tank . . . because someone stole the word magnets off my truck last week while I was parked out in front of the Goodwill!! Yes, Goodwill. So now one side of my truck is naked (the Blank Canvas is really blank), meaning my credibility as a member in good standing of the Portland Poetry Posse is now in question . . .

But my status as a member of a democracy isn't! I just posted this Nikki McClure poster in my window . . . I got it for FREE from . . . it looks like they've sold out again already, but you can sign up to be notified when they get more in, and they've still got a t-shirt for $14.95 and a bumper sticker version for only 99 cents!

I know, I feel like one of those mythical housewives from the 1950's telling my grown children to vote because grown children in other countries don't get to . . . but I gotta say I think it's important - no matter where you stand on the issues, it's important to make your voice heard, even in what may seem like a small way.

And I'm glad that here in Oregon we have vote by mail and the voter's pamphlets pour in a few weeks before the ballots . . . we all have the chance to sip coffee and fill out our ballots at leisure . . . why, when I was a youngun, we had to stand in line for hours just to vote . . . and walk uphill both ways in cardboard shoes . . .

Happy Voting!

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gl. said...

oh, no! trixie sends her sympathies. you still remain a member in good standing of the portland poetry posse. :)