Sunday, May 10, 2009

More Bottlecap Madness

So, apparently, getting images of an iPhone is really simple. Once you figure out how to do it.

It took me awhile.

Here's a picture of the installation on the floor before I got it over to Keen headquarters for the installation and event last month . . . I was hoping for the tendrils to have some life and energy.

The bottle caps ended up kind of cuddly - here's Cheryl, the founder of Leave No Plastic Behind giving the installation a little hug . . .

And here it is hanging in Keen headquarters before the folks from Algalita Marine Research Foundation gave their presentation.

It ended up being long . . . but I wasn't really crazy about how it came out. It looks too long and stringy . . . all of the bottle caps are connected with wire, and I was hoping that they would have a little more spring, curl, bounce, life.

I'm reworking it now, stringing some of the strands on heavier wire and then looking at other ways of suspending the strands of caps. I'm wanting them to cluster more . . . and I'm thinking that I'll need more to really give it the fullness I want . . . It's like I'm wanting it to almost feel like a jellyfish or an octopus or a Chihuly glass piece.

I'm even imagining an entire room filled with bristling walls of bottle caps, bottle caps dangling from the ceiling, so it becomes an utterly tactile experience . . .

I don't think I'll get that far by the time the next installation goes up at SCRAP at the beginning of June, but I think it's going to be a much more interesting piece by then!