Monday, March 24, 2008

Some Random Things

So, a few weeks ago, I got tagged with a meme from Becky over at SoulfulArtisan. At first, I wasn't going to do it because I'd already done it once - and then failed to tag people to carry it on (mostly because it seemed like everyone I knew had already been tagged - and once again, this is still the state of affairs)! But then I got tagged again, this time by Sister Diane over at CraftyPod. Two times seems like a command - so, here is the encore performance of the Seven Random Things About Me Meme:

1. I actually think that I look pretty good with facial hair. As examples, I present a photo of myself wearing a chocolate goatee at the recent Scarlet Star Studios Meeting of the Muses:

And again, at a Princess Bride theme party many years ago where I am dressed as the first Dread Pirate Roberts:

And just as a random aside, here are some shots of the lovely FingerstotheBone with photo-shopped stubble (it's after all the nifty gocco printing info).

2. I lived in Germany from the time I was seven until I was eleven - I can still count to twenty and ask where the bathroom is in German.

3. I love houseplants, but don't do a lot of outdoor gardening. Plants that live outdoors and need more than watering are a bit intimidating to me, though I will still occasionally give it a go.

4. I lettered in theater in high school.

5. I have never learned to play a musical instrument or read music, but I would love to be a lounge singer.

6. I love composting and I love worms - the fact that both of my current compost bins are crawling with wiggly red worms fills me with delight. I have been thinking about pursuing vermicomposting where the worms are introduced intentionally.

7. When I was in junior high, I had my own humor column in the school newspaper. When I was in high school, my drama teacher suggested a career as a stand-up comedian. Scary. While I can make the Sweetie laugh, I'm actually not that funny.

Bonus! My new favorite place to shop on-line is Hannah Grey Curiosities and Dry Goods. What other single on-line store offers jewel beetle wings, Diamond Glaze glue, fake barbed wire, dried starfish, Ranger Inks, shrine die cuts, and coils of rusted wire?


Diane Gilleland said...

Dread Pirate Roberts . . . that is the Best. Thing. Ever. Thanks so much for playing the meme-game!

claudia said...

Vermicomposting is very nice! I don't really "love" worms (actually I don't like them at all) but I like to see them work in the compost container. They are very eco-friendly ;)

Anonymous said...

Not kidding - I looked for beetle wings about three years ago and couldn't find them. Wow, what a place!

I'm afraid worms do not move me, although I appreciate their efforts.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I'm meming you again, girlfriend. Check mah blog.

gl. said...

yes, i think a chocolate goatee quite suits you! :)

here's own facial hair experiment several years ago in san diego. we were supposed to dress up as someone else in our department, so i borrowed a shirt from a friend, added grey to my hair & tried to duplicate his goatee:

i lettered in theatre, too! how did you end up in germany at such an early age?

fingerstothebone said...

Nice facial hair! Although I think I prefer the big mustache to the skinny goatee. Maybe there should be a special place for photos of women with facial hair!?

Bridget said...

Let's see: Facial Hair, 3; Worms, 2. Maybe I need a "Worms with Beards" blog . . . throw memes and beetle wings into the mix, and presto! A hit!

As for Germany, my Dad was military and got assigned there . . . I think it made my parents hate travel - and made me love it!

Bridget said...

OMG! GL! Those photos are amazing - you really do look like him, except shorter - scary!