Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love Letter to Social Media: A Tale of Crafty Inspiration

A while back, I posted a link on Twitter to this awesome tutorial for making little notepads from recycled cardboard from Sister Diane over at CraftyPod. A few weeks later, I ran into my Sweetie's mom and her friend at the bookstore. Sweetie's Mom's Friend (we'll just call her "Donna"*) was giddy with excitement.

Donna had seen the link, gotten inspired, and made a bunch of notebooks! She had one in her purse, and had a whole stack at home ready to give as gifts.

She showed me how she'd used lined paper - she's a writer - to make it easier to jot notes, lists, and ideas.

Donna even used an envelope to add a pocket inside the notebook to hold receipts or business cards or other odd paper bits.

Donna was excited, and I have to admit, I was excited, too! Sister Diane put the tutorial on her blog, and I saw it on my Google reader. I tweeted about it, and that tweet got forwarded to my Facebook. Donna's my friend on Facebook, and she saw the link to Sister Diane's tutorial, and the rest is crafty inspirational history.

And this is the reason I love social media. Because it inspires us and connects us to people and ideas, and ultimately, gets us making things. And I'm happy to be one of many crafty worker bees spreading the creative digital pollen.

*Donna is not her real name. Names have been changed to protect the craft addicted.


diy jen said...

Love that Bridget! Social media is where it's at. Thanks for sharing!

SisterDG said...

Holy Moly - that's the coolest thing ever. I love the variations Donna added. That's the best thing about sharing tutorials - seeing how other people take the idea and transform it. Thank you so much for tweeting the link!