Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Daze.

When Portland gets snow it usually lasts a day, throws the whole city into a tizzy, and then leaves in a little moist whiff leaving barely a memory of itself behind. Not so this time. The snow has been here for over a week, and it's just getting deeper!

Here's the drift in my backyard. It has made exiting through the rear sliding glass doors almost impossible. Darren, however, did make it up the drift to refill the bird feeders.

Which I must say is very good for this guy! I love how when it gets cold, the birds all fluff up their under feathers. It makes them look so sweet and round . . . like Japanese brush drawings.

I was beginning to get a bit of cabin fever, but then I remembered . . . I have snowshoes! Darren got a few shots of me frolicking in the front yard before we trekked down to the grocery store.

So here's me making crazy deep footprints in my front yard yesterday with my big foot snowshoes.

And here's the front yard this morning. As pristine as if I'd never walked on it at all! The snow just doesn't seem to be going away . . .

So, when life gives you snow, make snow angels!


BoneFolder said...

You have snowshoes? You have SNOWSHOES! I know people from Minnesota, even Canada, who don't have them!

gl. said...

yeah, where did the snowshoes come from? at least you live in a relatively flat area and close to safeway. :)

Claudia said...

I really wanted to use my snowshoes today but we got this crazy ice storm. But it was kind of fun to "skate" with my new winter boots on sidewalks.

Dayna Collins said...

I love the little birdy nestled in the tree! And very cool that you could trapse around the city in your snowshoes.