Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Little Holiday Cheer

This weekend, the Sweetie surprised me and put together the tree! I was looking forward to decorating it, but not assembling it. The Sweetie read my mind and got the whole thing in ready-to-decorate mode which utterly refreshed my holiday spirit! I went crazy putting on little bird ornaments . . .

Sweet little felt ones from Tanya Harvey . . .

And some glass ones, too, with actual tail feathers! I had a few cast resin bird ornaments that I'd gotten on sale at Fred Meyer last year after the holidays. Finally, there were some carved and painted wood bird ornaments that I'd picked up at various import stores and on my travels. It's as close as I've ever gotten to having a real "theme tree" like you see in magazines.

Of course, there were a few exceptions - a few non-bird ornaments. After all, it's important to be well-rounded. Celebrate Diversity. Have a tree that doesn't look exactly like it came out of a magazine, but that looks like real people decorated it.
So we threw in a few extras for good measure.

Han Solo.

And Optimus Prime.

What can I say? We're Geeks.


Amy Turn Sharp said...

We also have some geeky ornaments
Darth Vadar and others are nestled in for my husband :) Lovley tree

Michael5000 said...

Those birds are surprisingly lovely, in with all of the green needles and white lights...

gl. said...

so sweet, b!

i'm surprised we don't have more "flava" in the sci-fi ornament department: that han solo ornament looks right up sven's alley! but he's a classic/minimal xmas tree person: tiny colored lights, a rainbow selection of small glass balls, and 31 aluminum stars he made for my 31st birthday.

Bridget Benton said...

Amy - Darth Vader?! How cool is that? Han Solo is for me, Optimus Prime is for the sweetie. Ok, and the birds? They're for me, too!

Michael5K - thank you!

GL - everytime I try to go for a classic or a minimalist tree, I pretty much fail. the 31 aluminum stars sound pretty great, though!