Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holiday Flights of Fancy

The Holidays! Weeee! Haven't been home this week, so still haven't taken my-fake-tree-in-a-box out of its box. But I'm still feeling a bit giddy . . . what's been exciting and delighting me this holiday decorating season?

My new wreath from Bodywreath . . . lovely holiday linens that I got on after-holiday sale last year and am just now getting to use . . . a marvelous tea towel that I found at a grocery store yesterday with bright green dingle-balls on it . . . and collecting and making birdie ornaments for my tree.

The tree may not actually go up until the 23rd, but hey, I've been gathering some of the coolest bird ornaments ever . . . and been keeping my eyes open for more. I won't be able to get any of these - Aux petits oiseaux made these for holiday trades that I was too late to participate in - but you have to check them out for their shear cuteness . . . is it too late for me to buy some felt? UPDATE: Here's the link to the family fun site where Aux Petits Oiseaux found the inspiration for her ornaments . . . warning: they may want you to download flash to see it!

And I did get a few of these from Tanya Harvey at the Audubon Society's annual Wild Arts Festival - dear me, the roundness and the attention to detail! She knows her bird species . . . searching the site is like a lesson in ornithology . . .

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