Monday, July 21, 2014

An Easy Birdbath

I love birds, and I've been wanting a birdbath for a long time. However, a recent trip to my local garden store showed me that pedestal birdbaths are pretty darn expensive! Try $70-$180 - for a short one.  And I wanted a fairly tall birdbath - I really want to make it hard for the neighborhood cats to hunt in my yard!

So, I with a little internet research, I figured out how to make one for about $25. 

What You'll Need:

1. A shallow dish - I found this one at a second-hand shop for about $10
2. A three-foot piece of 1/2" or 3/4" galvanized pipe 
3. A galvanized floor flange that the pipe can screw into (see photo below)

4. Heavy-duty adhesive - I used a caulk-like adhesive called StrongStik

Here's How You Put it Together:

Clean both surfaces, and then glue the floor flange to the bottom of the dish, being careful to center it.  Let dry per the adhesive's instructions.  You can sand the bottom of the dish first for better adhesion, but it didn't really seem necessary here.

Once the glue is dry, screw your length of pipe into the floor flange.

Push your pipe into the ground like a stake, fill your dish with water, and you're done!  Mine was positioned near my deck, and the ground was kind of rocky, so - since I couldn't get the pipe very deep into the ground - I screwed a galvanized pipe strap to the edge of my deck to help hold the pipe upright.

Want to see some other DIY Bird Bath ideas? Check out my "Outdoor DIY" board on Pinterest.

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