Sunday, February 3, 2008

Drawing: The 100th Post

Here we are - my 100th post. It arrived a lot faster than I thought it would.

In Honor of the 100th Post

To honor the 100th post and the end of January - A Drawing (almost) Every Day Month - and the culmination of the L&TofM5K Flag Makeover Contest, I'm going to do something really cool. For you, the readers . . . I will randomly select one person who leaves a comment on this post, and I will design them a flag! Imagine - your own personal flag, designed by me!

Defining Drawing

From the Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary, Unabridged, Second Edition:

draw, v.t.

  1. pull; haul; drag
  2. to pull back the drawstring of (a bow)
  3. to attract; charm; entice
  4. to bring forth; elicit
  5. to take into the lungs; breathe in; inhale
  6. to pull out; take out; remove; extract
  7. to bring about as a result; cause to happen; bring on
  8. to pull out of shape; distort

I love these different definitions, these different ways of looking at a word that we typically think of as meaning mark-making, or making marks as a way of representing something we see. We might also think of the mark-making as something that elicits a response, something you breathe in, an essence you extract from something, something that you distort as you view it, something you use to charm a viewer . . .

And Here's the Flag

Very flaggy. With a leaping Salmon. The green field represents an abstraction of the mossy, tree-filled state of Oregon; the blue band on the top represents the Columbia River; the wider blue band on the left represents the Pacific Ocean. The gold band running North-South represents the Cascade Mountain Range; the gold band running East-West represents both the Oregon Trail and our trade relationships with Asia and exploration of the sea; and the Salmon represents our natural resources and a long tradition of both Native American peoples and more recent immigration. The slight crookedness of the lines, well, that's just an accident.


claudia said...

Congratulation for your 100th post. Time flies!
A flag? Is there such thing as a flag with a squirrel(me) and a pigeon (my husband)? That would be funny :)

Chance said...

I like this flag a lot, but what I really enjoyed was watching the creative process.

Bridget said...

The process was definitely the fun part - I can't say I feel really satisfied with any of the final flags, but I had SUCH fun doing them! And Claudia, I see no reason why there couldn't be a squirrel/pigeon flag . . .

gl. said...

i'm a little afraid of commenting. what if i win? what will the next beamon be? :)

seriously, though, i'm w/ chance: i loved watching the flag process.