Monday, April 15, 2013

The Sacral Chakra

Last month, I was working with the sacral chakra.  (You can read a bit more about chakras in my February post on the root chakra, and get a summary of the chakras here). This energy center is all about feeling, creative generation, balance, flow, and enthusiasm.  The color is orange . . . I did the collage above last month - the ripe vegetables, the orange rock with the cleft, the boat, the pencils, the jumping figure, the sensuous reclining Mondigliani figure . . . all of these say creativity and flow and passion to me.

I did this one last month, too - somehow Christina Hendricks just embodies everything sensuous! The matches are symbolic of creative inspiration for me.  I was also really playing with the idea of balance in this one - the way I try to balance my desire for contradictory things: nesting and flying, achieving and rebelling, ritual and experimentation, structure and newness, control and flexibility, busyness and calm.

I also updated the altar in my studio, filling it with water symbols and images of ripe fruit.
This is a collage I did for the sacral chakra back in 2009, featuring a bit of an image by Egon Shiele.  I like how simple it is, but how all the sensuous qualities of the chakra still come through.


Lisa said...

I have a question about the matches. Are they real, first of all, and if so is there something you do to them so that they can't ignite later? I like the look. Just worried because I know they can light with any friction.

Bridget B. said...

Lisa -
These images are actually scans of matches I lay them out on my scanner, scan them, then print them out, trim them with an xacto knife and then put the images into the collage.
When I use real matches in my assemblage work, I coat them with gel medium. When I use them in encaustic, they get coated in wax. Either way minimizes friction.
Thanks for asking!