Friday, January 18, 2013

In the Studio

I spent the day in the studio today.  Cleaning up.  Sorting.  Unpacking boxes from my last traveling teaching gig - in October of 2012.  Things had gotten so out of control in there that I've been scared to go in - it's felt really overwhelming.  

I've done some collage over the past few weeks - but I've done it in the living room.

And no, I didn't paint today - I've got to find all my tools and make space to actually work in there first!  These are just some old pieces that I found and photographed today.

For whatever reason, I find them totally amusing.  And inspiring.  They're fun process painting pieces that I did years ago.  It makes me curious what else is in me, waiting to come out!


Adrianne in Portland said...

Love them! Inspiring me to go down to the basement studio today. Same thing - have to sort through the piles and clear the desk.

Bridget B. said...

Hurray, Adrianne! I'm so excited for the new year - it really feels like things are starting to move!