Thursday, October 1, 2009

Art Unraveled: Part 2

Art Unraveled was awesome . . . and it's just taken me a very long time to get it together enough to post about the classes I taught! I taught two classes, Washed Up and Worn recycled rubber jewelry, and a Wax and Fiber encaustic class.

First, check out the extremely cool cuff bracelets my students made from recycled bicycle inner tubes! Wonder Twin Powers Activate!

I never got to take any pictures from the Wax and Fiber class because I didn't pack enough encaustic medium. I went by how much I use, and how much Linda Womack and I had used during her class in 2008. Yup. This was a learning experience. We ran out of medium. Twice. I had to beg and borrow from the infinitely kind Judy Wise. Twice. The next day, I rented a car, and drove all over Scottsdale, Tempe, and Phoenix buying up all the medium in town so that Judy could teach her class the next day. That was after I realized that no one in town carried damar resin crystals, so I spent three times as much buying pre-made medium. Yup. Lesson learned! Next year, I'll be prepared!

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Dayna Collins said...

Oh dear. Yep, live and learn; sometimes the hard way. But the bracelets are very cool . . .